How To Embed Google Form In WordPress

embed google forms in word press

To embed google form in WordPress, you need to know a few steps in executing this crucial step in the process of building you publishing business online.

Embed google form in WordPress …WHY ?

Google forms helps you in Getting feedback and opinion from your users which is an essential part of good customer service and for improving the quality of your website. Part of what I do as am running WordPress on Ctech news site, is integrating useful WordPress plugins for both my editorial team and above all for my readers. The trouble with WordPress plugins is that  there is a whole boatload of plugins which can enable you to have all sorts of abilities on your site, and embedding google forms for user submission forms on your site is just one of the many WordPress plugins available.

How To Create And Embed Google Forms In WordPress

As with any other Google service, to use them, you must first create a Google account. So, after creating your account head on over to Google Drive and click on the big red “New” button. A drop down menu should appear, at the bottom of which there should be a “more” option. Hover your mouse on that and another menu will pop-up enlisting “Google Forms“.

No wonder so many people are unaware of this feature, who looks so deep? So now that you have found it, select it, and a new form editing page should appear.

Adding new content and customizing the form is very simple. You can add regular form elements like questions and checkboxes or choose from an array of additional content like YouTube videos and images.

You can also easily tweak the appearance of the form and how it behaves. Just on the top menu options are available for changing the color theme. In the settings option, you can enable multiple responses from a single user, requiring a user to be logged in and ability to customize the submission confirmation message.

Creating the form is fun, but whats the use of google forms if they are not put to use? Now to put or embed Google Form in WordPress, there is an iframe code that you have to copy and paste it into the text editor on your site. Embedding the iframe code will incorporate the Form into your site, but I have to say there is a little bit of a small drawback to embedding google forms into your WordPress website.

The formatting and styling of the form will stay the same as it was on Google Forms and doesn’t blend in with your site. There can also be links which will lead back to the Google website.

Now if you love the autonomous WordPress plugins offers, then you will love this google forms WordPress Plugin has to offer. With it you will be able to resolve this problem where you have to give up control of design, attain greater control over how your Google Forms are displayed on your Web-site.

How To Download Google Forms Plugin And Installation Steps

The perks of WordPress CMS lies in it’s simplicity and ease of use even for WordPress beginners. Google forms WordPress Plugin is no different. At the core of it’s design, is the simplified use it brings to WordPress publishing newbies.

So if you are daunted by everything HTML, then download a google forms WordPress plugin. Now, to make  use of Google Forms WordPress plugin, you first need to install and activate it. A Google Forms option will appear in the WordPress sidebar.

Hover over it and you will see three more options: Google Forms, Add New Google Form and Form Submission Log.

  • The “Google Forms” tab is used to view all your forms. From here you can do bulk actions like the filter, edit, and trash. Again if you have no forms, then nothing will be enlisted under this tab.
  • The “Add New Google Form” does what its name imply, i.e. adding new forms. But you can’t “create” a Google Form from the plugin. After clicking “Add New Google Form“, the first field you will notice is “Form URL.” You have to create a form in Google Drive the way we discussed earlier and then paste the link here.
  • You will also have to add the optional “Confirm URL” as the default confirmation page can’t be integrated into your WordPress site.
  • The next essential part you need to specify is the Custom Confirmation Page Style. You can select either redirect or AJAX while keeping it to None will present the Confirmation page with a page redirect.
    There are also options to fight spam with the help of captcha fields.

Google forms plugin also comes with a few more sweeteners, the forms comes with an email functionality that can  copy the form to the user for their record keeping if they need to.

Some advanced features of the plugin include the ability to apply custom CSS to your form. The plugin will also help you to log additional information about your user. You can also edit some of the Google form text.

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