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best free business directory plugin

Business directory plugin is a life saver if the idea of creating your own local business directory where other local service providers can list and promote their offerings.

Not until recently, building such a website used to cost thousands of dollars to achieve a basic business directory. Thanks to the business directory plugin for WordPress, today you can have your own business and services directory for a fraction of what you would spend for a cup of coffee in Starbucks.

A cup of coffee, might sound like exaggeration however,  with free and paid options available for the business directory plugin, the WordPress ecosystem continues to prove its greatest strength time to time. Despite a few drawbacks, a free business directory plugin offers a full suite of options that you can run a local successful directory on. Depending on your budget, you can literally choose either the free or the paid WordPress plugin for your requirement and budget. But, I will always recommend a premium plugin for the support they offer.

The enormous success of a profitable business lies in a well planned strategy for executing a business directory. Considering the scope of work involved in steering the business directory into the right direction, its important to understand that creating a directory website is challenging, but there are a lot of scope for making it work. To make profit, it is always a good idea to target the local market and then expand to other regions such as cities or even states. Also, it should be noted that it takes time for establishing a directory website. Patience and strategy can easily make you bring most out of the directory website.

Tools And Resources For A Successful Local Business Directory

Business directory plugin is your centerpiece for your business directory, however you will also need to think about the best small business webhosting you will need to pair your business directory to make sure that it gives you the flexibility of expansion and support when you need it.

Cheap web hosting for your local business directory is Ideal,however take note that it may cost you dearly later on when your business outgrows your hosting capacity when performance will force you to move it to a better hosting provider. For that reason I recommend these web hosting service providers as they can  scale on demand

Bluehost Webhosting Review

Bluehost web hosting is a true darling for both small business web hosting seekers and bloggers who write web hosting reviews as affiliates. Their generous commission makes them the most popular shared web hosting and indeed a target for petty and manufactured small business web hosting reviews just to score a quick buck. They say being the most popular small business web hosting doesn’t really mean that they are always great for your local business directory. With Bluehost for me it’s different, I have been hosting with Bluehost since 2008 thats why in this bare it all web hosting review I will only share with you my hand picked options for your webhosting directory plugin


Visit BlueHostDownload Best Free Business Directory Plugin For Bluehost

best free business directory plugin

Here Is Why Bluehost Webhosting Is Ideal For GeoDirectory Directory Plugin

Despite Geo Directory being a free plugin, it will surely surprise you with what  it offers in it’s features. The free plugin is a great choice for anyone who wants to try out the plugin or is short on funds. Bluehost reviews will tell you anything just to make a sale, but for me Bluehost reviews aside, It offers irresistible packages starting from as little as $3.99/Month it is  suitable for anyone looking for a small business web hosting which is scalable and offered by one of the best shared web hosting providers .

Here Are Some Ideas For Your Free Business Directory Plugin

Geo Directory can be used to create a directory website similar to TripAdvisor, Yelp, YellowPages, etc. The idea of the plugin is to provide the basic free structure, and when you are ready to try out the trade, you can check out the paid add-ons for better functionality and support. Having full support adds value to the plugin.

On the feature side, it offers users to enter new entries using the website front-end. Moreover, it also features location based directory. Other features include built-in review system and the ability to monetize the website using the paid extensions.

Recomended Webhosting For WordPress Business Directory Plugin

BlueHost is an extremely reliable and a very decent shared hosting provider for small business webhosting as well as Enterprise shared hosting for the money. Bluehost Is an ideal web hosting for beginners due to the flexible pricing model, easy-to-use cPanel interface and generally fast, reliable servers.

It must also be mentioned that their support department aren’t really one of the best in the business since they changed ownership and brought in a new CEO, but then their high quality of services delivery means less calls for support as they are a well oiled machine, and  at that price, it’s totally justified. Overall, BlueHost is a value for money web host.

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