Breaking Internet Safety: A cracked Phone Is Better Than A Hacked Home

internet security

For the first time I have felt powerless and helpless, Am a hostage in my own house! The thought of  nude images of my wife and daughters published online makes me sick to my stomach! How on earth did I end up here?

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At first I thought It was just a prank call, when a caller with an accent said I needed to pay for technical support to have my IP released.  I didn’t understand a thing about it so i hang up and went about my day, but things changed when I switched my laptop to do shopping online, it was not the same Amazon I know!

It was Indian version with rupee price tags, I thought I was imagining things, reluctantly I refreshed my browser, and it got even weird, I can hear people talking and whispering in the background like a call center. Doors are banging, opening and closing, clicking and echoes.

I have tried to unplug my home router, It doesn’t matter if I’m connected to WiFi however other people have tried it and said the same thing.BullGuard Antivirus Sale – 70% Off

It turns out that attackers controlling a vicious botnet are using several evasive techniques to take control of  home internet routers, which gives them full access to everything connected to the home internet wifi. Including Mobile phones, tablets, laptops in  bedrooms where hackers are able to turn on computer built in web cams to record  videos and still images.

And It doesn’t stop there! They are also using your internet router to spread their attacks across a very large number of IP addresses to corporate organizations. They are using low frequency attacks to avoid being blocked. They are also spreading their attacks across a large number of WordPress sites.

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